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Pundit says ‘travesty’ if Rasmus Hojlund and Manchester United teammates do not play together

There’s a growing sentiment that Manchester United should explore the possibility of fielding both Rasmus Hojlund and Jadon Sancho in the same lineup.

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Rasmus Hojlund has been making his mark for the Manchester United first team following his move from Atalanta.

However, the challenge for United lies in how to optimize his performance, given the mixed results in his partnership with Marcus Rashford so far.

On the other hand, Jadon Sancho finds himself on the fringes at the club, sidelined by manager Erik ten Hag following a dispute between the two.

Anton Ferdinand, speaking on Vibe with Five, strongly believes that Manchester United should bring Hojlund and Sancho together for the benefit of both players and the team, which has been underperforming.

Ferdinand commented, “I think it would be a missed opportunity if Ten Hag doesn’t consider pairing Sancho with Hojlund. Sancho complements Hojlund well.

Hojlund, as we’ve seen, possesses qualities similar to Haaland—powerful, aggressive, a target man.”

He continued, “As we witnessed with his goal, he burst past the center-back with sheer power, which is precisely what Sancho needs. He hasn’t had that kind of partnership in Manchester, and he requires it.”

The resolution rests with Jadon Sancho, as reports indicate that he’s been asked to apologize to Erik ten Hag for publicly contesting the manager’s decision to exclude him from the squad against Arsenal.

So far, Sancho has declined to apologize, and the impasse has persisted over the past month.

Ferdinand acknowledged that it ultimately falls on the player to make amends, stating, “I’m not disputing that. Someone has to make the first move.”

While Erik ten Hag is unlikely to back down easily, there remains hope that both Sancho and the manager can find common ground and put their differences aside to regain momentum.

It’s worth noting that Jadon Sancho has yet to play alongside a Manchester United striker with Hojlund’s combination of speed, power, and work rate, which could potentially help him thrive.”

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