“Onana. You’re the hero son!” – Sky Reporter heaps a sound of praise to Andra Onana after He saves Manchester United’s penalty chance

“It’s truly incredible, a night filled with drama, especially when we conceded a late penalty, which should never have happened. But then came Andre Onana’s remarkable save.

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“We’ve been slowly finding our form this season, and once again, Harry Maguire delivered an outstanding performance. Andre also came through with a brilliant save just after half-time, a pivotal moment in the game.

“It was frustrating to concede a rather soft penalty, and we strongly felt that Marcus Rashford deserved one on the other end, though the referee’s decision left us bewildered.

“But here’s where we’ve progressed – we kept our composure even after a lackluster first half. In the second half, we elevated our game and created more scoring opportunities than our opponents.

“In the end, the victory was well-deserved, but it was a narrow escape at the very last moment!”

The final whistle blew, and Manchester United managed to hold on for a hard-fought 1-0 victory, rekindling their hopes of advancing to the Champions League knockout phase.

Ultimately, the win felt justly earned for the home team, who showcased a significantly improved performance in the second half. Their triumph hinged on Harry Maguire’s commanding header, which arrived 18 minutes from the final whistle.

United had their fair share of opportunities to extend their lead, but they came perilously close to paying the price as the visitors were awarded a stoppage-time penalty. However, the spot-kick from Jordan Larsson, son of Henrik Larsson, was brilliantly denied by Andre Onana.

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