No Contact – ‘How on earth was that a penalty’ – Patrick Evra blast ref. Marco Guida for awarding a late penalty to Copenhagen

Patrice Evra, the Manchester United legend, wasted no time in commending the heroic efforts of Harry Maguire and Andre Onana following the victory over Copenhagen.

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In the Champions League clash, Harry Maguire came through with the winning goal, while Andre Onana made a game-changing save on a late penalty.

This triumph marked Manchester United’s first Champions League victory of the season, elevating them to third place in the group standings.

It was an essential victory for the team, and it also represented a crucial moment for both Andre Onana and Harry Maguire.

Patrice Evra’s Reaction
The former Manchester United left-back took to Instagram to express his thoughts after the win, urging fans to continue supporting every player on the team.

He specifically highlighted the contributions of Maguire and Onana, appreciating their resilience and positive attitude.

In his Instagram post, Evra wrote: “I’m urging all my @manchesterunited fans to keep supporting every player on this team.

Thank you @harrymaguire93 and @andreonana.24, never give up 🙏 #ilovethisgame #positive4evra #manchesterunited.”

He further responded to Manchester United’s Instagram post, which showcased Onana’s crucial penalty save, saying: “The hate has to stop, please 🙏.”

A Night of Redemption
This night marked a remarkable turnaround for Manchester United’s players who have often faced harsh criticism. Harry Maguire, in particular, has been a frequent target of media ridicule.

Similarly, Andre Onana hasn’t been spared from pundits’ criticism, who were quick to write him off. His initial performances for Manchester United left much to be desired.

However, he displayed strength against Sheffield United over the weekend, and his performance against Copenhagen, even before the penalty save, was impressive.

The penalty save itself was a monumental moment that surely boosted his confidence.

This was indeed a night of redemption for both players, and it appears that Andre Onana’s Manchester United career is finally getting the fresh start it deserves.

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