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‘I will stand with Ten Hag and We will fight like dogs’: Manchester United star vows to put woeful form right and backs Ten Hag

Manchester United’s midfielder, Scott McTominay, has made a promise to his teammates that they will put up a strong fight to reverse their current slump in form.

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The club’s manager, Erik ten Hag, is facing immense pressure due to the team’s dismal start to the season, which culminated in their recent exit from the Carabao Cup, played on home turf.

While many argue that the players should shoulder more responsibility for the downturn, not many players have stepped forward to address the issues following the back-to-back 3-0 home defeats this week.

However, midfielder Scott McTominay has displayed commendable leadership by speaking up. In an interview with the club’s website, he encouraged fans to disregard reports of internal discord.

McTominay’s comments reflect his clear frustration with Manchester United’s current form, demonstrating his passion and concern for the team.

Addressing certain media reports about a divided squad, McTominay stated, “Forget about all the people who don’t care about us and write absurd things in the media, trying to divide us and create unnecessary chaos.

That’s not important to us right now. Everyone must come together, and when the next game arrives, we have to fight relentlessly. That’s the attitude we need.”

He further revealed that there is an undercurrent of anger within the dressing room, stemming from their own performance issues.

McTominay explained, “The fans are always there, supporting us. I believe the players sense that as well, once we’re back in the dressing room.

The anger is directed towards ourselves and our failure to meet the fans’ expectations. I can assure the fans that pleasing them is of utmost importance to the players.”

In addition to expressing his concerns, McTominay voiced support for manager Erik ten Hag, highlighting the importance of unity within the club.

He said, “The fans will hear the typical response of ‘we need to stick together,’ but it’s true. Everyone wants this football club to succeed, and we have to unite, fostering strong relationships within the dressing room to turn the results in our favor.

We have more than enough talent in the changing room to do that, and I am absolutely confident that we can.”

Looking ahead, Manchester United faces Fulham this weekend, followed by an away fixture against Copenhagen in the Champions League and a match against Luton Town at home.

McTominay emphasized, “If we can secure three wins going into the international break, we can return and build momentum from there.”

The response to McTominay’s comments has been positive, with many regarding him as a captain-like figure.

While he may not be a guaranteed starter or considered for the captaincy, his leadership attributes and passion for the club are evident. His commitment to fighting for the team is exactly what is needed at this critical juncture.

With Manchester United’s midfield in a state of disarray, McTominay’s determination to see the team succeed is a source of encouragement, especially with the upcoming match against Fulham.

Despite the uncertainties in the midfield and the managerial situation, McTominay’s spirit serves as a beacon of hope.

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