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Antony’s ex-girlfriend message to Man Utd fans as She hand phone over to police and Man Utd confirm leave of absence

Manchester United have announced that Antony has been given a leave of absence as he faces allegations of assault, which he denies, made by his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

Antony’s ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, has vowed to hand her mobile phone over to the police while doubling down on her assault allegations against the Manchester United footballer.

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Brazilian DJ and influencer Cavallin claims that Antony, 23, assaulted her on four occasions, with United announcing on Sunday that the winger be given a leave of absence. Two more women in Brazil, Ingrid Lana and Rayssa de Freitas have also accused him of assault, but Antony denies all allegations.

Antony was dropped by the Brazilian national team amid the allegations and went on TV in his homeland earlier this week to deny any wrongdoing. Cavallin alleges that United’s £85million winger head-butted her during a row at a Manchester hotel in January, claiming that he dislodged her breast implant.

Antony then accused her of doctoring mobile phone messages and even taking his phone so that she could send messages to herself as if they were his. The DJ, from Sao Paulo, later slammed Antony over his interview with Brazilian TV channel SBT by saying on social media: “I just got home, I’ve been meeting with my lawyers until now and also clarifying some important points for a television show which you’ll soon be able to follow.

“I know that everyone expects me to comment on the interview he gave. I only have three things to say. First – little white T-shirt? No earrings, no necklaces and no rings? He’s trying to be something he’s not, trying to cast an image of a dove of peace, literally.”

Addressing Antony’s claim that she sent fake messages to herself using his phone, which are said to have included ‘liked’ posts featuring Brazil international teammate Neymar that made Antony fly into a fit of rage, Cavallin added: “Second – how did I take his cell phone and send him a message while he was sleeping, pretending it was him being next to him in bed, according to him?

“I took his cell phone and sent a message to myself, pretending it was him, fighting for a like on a photo to pretend he was arguing with me?! For a like on a photo?! Because of a team-mate…?! Guys, for God’s sake!!! I’ve never been around him like this. There’s no logic to that!”

Vowing to hand over her phone to the police, she affirmed: “I will hand over my cell phone now, this coming week, to the police and they will be able to see that no screenshots have been altered. The only thing it does is change the order of the facts, but no WhatsApp message was changed, none.

“I have the conversations here, from the first ‘hello’ with Antony to the last word on my cell phone, and I will make a point of handing it over to the police directly and not hire a private expert to hand over the cell phone.”

Cavallin urged United to follow Brazil’s course of action by dropping the 23-year-old, telling the Sun: “Antony needs to be taken off the pitch. It’s disappointing he’s still allowed to play while there’s an investigation.

“I am absolutely destroyed by the whole process. How can life go on as normal for him? They can’t just know what they know now and not do anything. He needs to be removed.”

Antony insisted in his interview on Friday: “I know the truth and it will come out.” He also spoke out against domestic violence and said that he would never harm a woman.

“‘It’s totally wrong, 100 percent wrong,” Antony declared. “I have a mother, and a sister, and I would never want this to happen to them.
“I’m 100 percent sure I’ve never touched a woman, and I’ll come up with the evidence. People will see the truth. I have never assaulted and I will never assault. I’m sure I’ve never committed physical violence.”

Upon agreeing to take a leave of absence at United, he said: “I have agreed with Manchester United to take a period of absence while I address the allegations made against me. This was a mutual decision to avoid distraction to my teammates and unnecessary controversy for the club.

“I want to reiterate my innocence of the things I have been accused of, and I will fully cooperate with the police to help them reach the truth. I look forward to returning to play as soon as possible.”

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