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0-goal, 0-assist, 0-every but 25-App. – ‘You’re killing us, You’re costing us’ – Roy Keane’s brutal assessment of Man United star who failed to improve under Ten Hag

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has voiced concerns about Antony’s lack of discipline and positional awareness when off the ball, suggesting that these aspects may be detrimental to the team’s performance.

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Despite acknowledging Fernandes’ magical abilities with the ball, Keane highlights the midfielder’s off-the-ball actions as problematic, particularly in situations where the team is not winning.

Keane suggests that Fernandes’ tendency to float around and make erratic decisions can stand out, especially when the team is struggling.

Speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, Keane emphasizes that while Fernandes may be forgiven for such behavior when contributing magic on the pitch, it becomes a noticeable issue in a team facing challenges.

Keane observes that Fernandes has displayed similar traits throughout his career, making it a consistent aspect of his playing style.

Supporting Keane’s perspective, Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher describes Fernandes as a “great talent” rather than a “great player.”

Carragher draws parallels between Fernandes and his former teammate Paul Pogba, highlighting the difference between possessing talent and being a truly exceptional player.

Carragher further explains the distinction by comparing Fernandes to Kevin De Bruyne, stating that while De Bruyne is superior, Fernandes is not far behind in terms of creating chances.

Carragher points out Fernandes’ emotional and energetic style of play, noting instances where he covers considerable ground without the ball, sometimes giving the impression of intense effort even when the game is not going well.

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