Wayne Rooney calls Manchester United teammate ‘annoying’, ‘arrogant’ and a disappointment’

Wayne Rooney has dubbed Cristiano Ronaldo’s former Manchester United teammate ‘f***ing obnoxious,’ Rio Ferdinand ‘arrogant,’ and conversing with Carlos Tevez his ‘worst disappointment.’

At a dinner event on Saturday evening, United’s all-time leading goalscorer was asked about his former teammates and didn’t hold back in his assessment.

‘Cristiano was so good and so f***ing obnoxious at the same time,’ Rooney remarked of Ronaldo, according to The Sun.

‘He’s probably not as good as he used to be, but he’s still unpleasant.’

‘Rio is a good player, but he is just arrogant,’ Rooney said of Ferdinand during the occasion.

‘You get paid a lot of money to kick the ball into the net at Man United, so just do it.’

‘Do your job, and give me the ball, Ronaldo the ball,’ I said. ‘Stop wasting your time there.’ Rio is a fantastic player, but he had a habit of forgetting he was a defender at times.’

Speaking with Tevez, Rooney claimed, was “the biggest letdown of my life” due to the Argentine’s terrible communication.

‘I liked playing with him for two years,’ Rooney remarked.

‘I used to pick him up from his residence and drive him to the airport for Champions League games.’ We’d go play the game and then return.

‘And, to be honest, I talked to him for 30 minutes and had no idea what he was saying.’

‘All he’s doing is babbling.’ I’m not a terrific public speaker, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘f***ing hell.’ He’s rambling and saying nothing at all.’ I was heartbroken; it was the biggest letdown of my life.’

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