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Video – Most Manchester United fans goes weird at Old Trafford as the truth about Michael Knighton’s takeover emerge


Manchester United was slated to meet Arsenal at Old Trafford in August 1989. Martin Edwards, the club’s then-CEO, had just accepted a £20 million buyout deal from billionaire Michael Knighton, who chose an unconventional way to introduce himself to supporters.

Knighton arrived on the Old Trafford ground before kickoff, dressed in boots and a training kit. Knighton was an ambitious 37-year-old with a dream of owning United, and supporters were perplexed by this strange figure juggling the ball in front of the Stretford End. The structure for Knighton’s takeover of the club was in place, but the deal fell through shortly after his surprise Old Trafford audition as major investors withdrew their support.

There have been 33 years since Knighton’s failed takeover attempt, and United has had more success than any other team in England during that time. However, the club is now at a crossroads following a decade of failure and false promises.

Over the previous decade, the club has struggled with its identity. Since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, only three major trophies have been won, and the two most important trophies, the Premier League and the Champions League have not been lifted in nine and fourteen years, respectively. United has become identified with mediocrity, and fans want to be free of the Glazers’ grip.

Last year’s European Super League idea sparked extraordinary protests against the Glazers, demonstrating that resentment toward the American owners had not subsided, and it is being felt again this summer.

United experienced their worst season in decades last year, and the transfer window has turned into a circus, overshadowing the positive vibes that accompanied Erik ten Hag’s arrival. On August 22, United fans are planning another protest against Liverpool, with some threatening to bar other supporters from entering Old Trafford to witness the game.

Knighton, who returned to the spotlight on Tuesday with an interview outlining his plan to take control of the club with the help of a consortium, is back, and he really wants change. He may have excellent intentions, but he isn’t a trustworthy caretaker for a takeover.

The bulk of his admirers have taken his interview with a grain of salt, but for some, particularly younger fans, Knighton is presenting false optimism. Although Knighton’s interview has nearly 200,000 views, it’s difficult to take his words seriously. Knighton has stayed away from football since Carlisle was placed in voluntary administration in 2002.

In an interview with Man Utd The Religion, Knighton states, “My consortium is ready and waiting.” “The money has been promised, and the offer document is being prepared for presentation. We’re still waiting for the great Sir Jim Ratcliffe to come forward since he answers all of our problems and makes my job obsolete, but until Jim comes, I guarantee that my consortium will place their bid very soon.”

Chelsea was recently purchased for £4.25 billion, and it is expected that United will sell for a similar sum. Knighton is a successful businessman in his own right, and the details of his consortium are kept private, but the chances of his group offering the Glazers such an exorbitant amount for the club are slim.

A prevalent trend in recent Premier League takeovers has been that legitimate, genuine takeovers are often not heard about or publicized until they are ready to be executed.

United fans are yearning for change, which means there will be timewasters looking to capitalize on this, some for selfish benefit. It would be wrong to lump Knighton in with those bunch because he clearly cares about and loves the club, but he is not a realistic alternative to the Glazers. That is the truth, which most fans already know.

Knighton’s interview was taped and published at a time when opposition against the Glazers is regaining steam. Although it has sparked debate and increased calls to remove the Glazers, it is unlikely that he will be the one to do so.

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