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The Main Reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo interview with Piers Morgan revealed as star blames Ten Hag and others

Cristiano Ronaldo: Erik ten Hag provoked me into Old Trafford walkout

Ronaldo stated he was sorry for leaving the stadium early, but he felt Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho’s actions contributed to his reaction.

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Erik ten Hag allegedly urged Cristiano Ronaldo to decline to play against Tottenham. Ronaldo has accused his boss of inciting him into a show of sedition in the latest claim to emerge from the interview that has all but ruined his career at Manchester United.

Ronaldo did not come on when requested, instead storming down the tunnel before the end of the game, earning the striker a three-day suspension, and he insists in an interview with Piers Morgan shown on TalkTV that he was only asked to come on in the expectation that he would refuse.

“I believe it was a club tactic for me to respond that way.” “Ronaldo stated. “I was very, very, extremely upset with Manchester United’s message. “To be honest, I’ve never had an issue with any team or coach.” At they suspended me for three days, which I thought was a long time – and the level of sport, and clubs, I thought was a long time. It was a pity. It’s impossible to say 100%, but let’s just say I regret (it), but I also felt spurred by the coach.”

Ronaldo is presently in Qatar, where he insists he will have a “great World Cup,” but he has admitted that it may be best for everyone if he moves to a new club in January. He rejected reports made in the summer that no one wanted to sign him, claiming that the fact that he was the highest-paid player in Premier League history was the issue, and stated that he turned down a £350 million offer from Saudi Arabia.

And, despite saying in August that he was pleased to continue at Manchester United, he has finally openly admitted that he believes it would be best for everyone if he departed as soon as possible.

“I’m not sure what will happen after the World Cup,” Ronaldo stated. “However, the fans will always have a special place in my heart.” I hope they will always be by my side, whether I return or not, whether I stay or not. Nobody is flawless. It’s a natural element of being human. I will always accept my mistakes, but it’s difficult to predict what will happen after the World Cup because my sole attention is on the Portugal national team.

“Perhaps I made the decision to rejoin Manchester United out of emotion.” I don’t regret it, but it was emotional rather than intellectual. It was fantastic because they let me happy. When I first arrived at Manchester United, I was always available to assist the squad in doing the right things, putting the right players in the right positions, and competing with the top teams. But it’s difficult when they cut your legs, don’t want you to shine, and don’t listen to your counsel.”

Ronaldo’s discontent was evident when he declined to come on as a substitute against Tottenham Hotspur last month, despite having scored only one goal in 10 Premier League outings this season. But, as he seeks a move away from Old Trafford, he is certain that he will be a success for Portugal in Qatar.

“Do you think I’ve forgotten how to score goals?” he asked. “Perhaps I’m not as motivated as I should be.” I’m a human being, I have feelings, and I’m not flawless, but my motivation isn’t what it was a few months ago. I’m not going to say I need a new challenge right now since my concentration is on the World Cup, but a new chapter might be good for Manchester and possibly for me as well.

“But I’m not sure if I’ll return; if I do, I won’t be the same, Cristiano.” If I am, I hope people will allow me to flourish and be the old Cristiano, like I have done at all of my previous teams throughout the years.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s teammate at Manchester United and Portugal, Bruno Fernandes, denied Friday night that he gave the striker the cold shoulder when the national team met earlier this week.

TV footage looked to show a heated discussion between the two, but Fernandes claimed that audio inserted afterward revealed they were sharing a laugh, and he added, “I have no problem with anyone.” The main focus here is on the national team and the World Cup, and we must remain focused.”

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