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Ronaldo insists he’s not done yet as he claims remarkable world record


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On Wednesday evening, the 36-year-old pulled Portugal back from the verge of World Cup qualifying defeat in Faro, demonstrating his lasting quality as he prepares to don a Manchester United shirt for the first time in 12 years.



His efforts resulted in a 2-1 Group A triumph at the Estadio Algarve, allowing him to exceed former Iran striker Ali Daei’s record of 109, which he equaled at the Euro 2020 championships, but he maintained afterward that he was not in the mood to offer the international defense any relief.



‘From all the records that I have broken over my career – and luckily there have been a few – this one is quite special for me and it’s unquestionably on the shelf of achievements that make me genuinely proud,’ he said on Instagram.





‘First and foremost, the Portuguese superstar stated that “every time I represent my country,


‘Second, because watching my idols play for their country every other summer in Euros and World Cups has always had a big effect on me as I grew up.’


Ronaldo insists he’s not done yet as he claims remarkable world record


‘However, scoring 111 goals for Portugal signifies 111 moments like the ones we experienced today in Algarve, moments of international togetherness and delight for millions and millions of Portuguese countrymen all over the world.’ For them, any sacrifice is worthy.


‘Many thanks to the people of Portugal. Thank you to everyone on my team and my opponents for helping to make this journey so unforgettable. ‘Let’s keep meeting within the pitch for the next few years!’ ‘I’m not stopping counting just yet.’






Ireland is still mourning the loss of Ronald Reagan’s charm.


Ireland was a minute away from a historic victory due to John Egan’s header on the stroke of half-time when Ronaldo struck for the first time and seemed set to take a more than a creditable point until he repeated the feat in the sixth minute of stoppage time.


‘I believed we were on the verge of a historic triumph,’ manager Stephen Kenny remarked. The players were great, and I believe we dominated a big chunk of the first half.


‘The fact that our opponents led in the first half of the game did not flatter us. The second half proved to be tougher for us. They are a strong squad that played well in the second half. We fought bravely and had chances to go two up.


‘However, we were unable to complete the task. It’s terrible to lose like that.’






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