Ralf Rangnick responds to Gary Neville’s Twitter jibe at jet-setting Man Utd stars

Manchester United’s players had no cause to hide after their Champions League exit, according to Ralf Rangnick.

After United’s defeat to Atletico Madrid, Gary Neville chastised United’s players – and Rangnick – for social media posts depicting them on a “world tour.” Old United captain Neville described the players as “tone deaf,” adding that he and his former teammates would not have ventured out after such a humiliating defeat, much less flown around the world.

“I recall a period when United players, managers, and executives would not be seen in their local Italian after a home draw, let alone being knocked out of Europe,” Neville added. “We’ve had a globe tour of F1, concerts, cricket, and UFC events in the previous week. This group is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen.

“They can go on vacation, relax, and take some time off.” If you’ve been knocked out of the Champions League, FA Cup, and League Cup, and you’re struggling in the league, I don’t believe it’s too much to ask to go underground for a while.”

“I realize that former players and TV pundits have to have a strong view,” Rangnick, who was photographed in Barbados watching the Test match between the West Indies and England, remarked. On the other hand, the circumstance was unique. We only had six or seven players for training after the last game against Atletico Madrid and an international break of two and a half weeks.

“I don’t think it would have made sense to indicate we’re training every day with five or six guys – although it would have made sense for public perception – but I don’t think it would have made sense.” If you do that, those six or seven players will not be in a better physical or mental state.

“That’s why we took a couple of days off, brought them back for a week, and have been preparing for the game since Tuesday.” I can understand [the perception it generates] in certain ways, but that only leads us back to where we are now. Those are things that can be changed, and ideally we will never be in a scenario where we haven’t played a competitive game in over two weeks.”

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