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New Price Announced – Elon Musk and four candidates to buy Man Utd as Glazer family set eye-watering price tag

Manchester United has stated that they are considering all alternatives, including a sale, but the Glazer family's asking price of £6 billion means that only a select few could finance a purchase.

Manchester United is on the market. It took a while to get to the point in the Glazer family’s 333-word statement released on Tuesday night, but by the end it was abundantly clear that a deal will be agreed upon once a sufficiently large bid arrives at their door, handled by the same American bank that handled the Chelsea deal earlier this year.

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The Glazers have already established their terms, asking at least £6 billion in order to ratify a sale. And that massive sum severely limits the number of contenders who can afford to take over.

Here are five potential contenders who could meet the Glazers’ exorbitant asking price and become the new owners of Manchester United.

1. Sir Jim Ratcliffe
The CEO of the petrochemical business INEOS, Britain’s richest man, has indicated an interest in taking over on multiple occasions, however, his last-minute bid for Chelsea raised suspicions across the sector. “I’m a longtime Manchester United fan,” Ratcliffe declared last month. Joel and Avram are people I’ve met. They’re the nicest individuals I’ve ever met, true gentlemen.” However, he has stated that investing in the Premier League is too expensive and that INEOS’ focus will stay on promoting Ligue 1 club Nice.

2. Apollo Global
In August, there were rumors – strongly denied at the time – that the American equity group was in exclusive talks about acquiring a minority position in the club. Fans, including former player Gary Neville, were among those who objected, not least because of Apollo’s suspected ties to Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship.

3. Another consortium of US investors?
If a deal is completed, these are the most likely new owners. The Chelsea transaction shows how readily groups of extremely wealthy American men can band together, and it will be interesting to watch if either of the selected groups led by Stephen Pagliuca and David Blitzer expresses interest.

The requirement for any team to renounce holdings in other clubs complicates an acquisition significantly. Because Chelsea was a time-sensitive transaction, this put them at a disadvantage. The Glazers are not in such a hurry.

4. Elon Musk
A long chance gave the financial cost his recent Twitter purchase has taken, Tesla’s value dropping, and an increasing number of fires that need to be extinguished. However, in August, he joked in a tweet that “Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome” during the will-he-won’t-he stage of the Twitter sale.

5. State ownership?
Abu Dhabi owns Manchester City, Saudi Arabia owns Newcastle United, and Qataris own PSG. So, who is still standing? Since before the epidemic, China has reduced its support for the sport, and speculations of the Sultan of Brunei being interested stem primarily from his interest in football.

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