‘It’s a no-brainer!’ – Jamie Carragher tells Thomas Tuchel to leave Chelsea for Manchester United

Chelsea’s future is unknown following the UK government’s sanction of Roman Abramovich. The west London club is still allowed to exist, but only under extremely strict conditions that bar them from providing contracts, buying players, or even selling tickets and merchandise.

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With no replacements authorized, contract rebels like Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen are almost set to leave, while the club’s management requirements – away travel spending is now capped at £20,000 per match – will make life extremely difficult.

In light of this, Carragher believes Tuchel, who won the Champions League last season, would be perfectly justified in leaving Chelsea, and that United would be the ideal destination.

In his Telegraph column, Carragher said, ‘Manchester United have been gifted with the ideal opportunity to acquire the manager who should be their number one target: Thomas Tuchel.’

‘In light of the happenings at Chelsea, United’s decision to wait until the conclusion of the season puts them in a position that no one could have predicted.

‘Top of their list must be one of the best managers in the world – the current Fifa coach of the year.’

‘Tuchel, like everyone else at Stamford Bridge, will have no idea what his current club’s future holds. Given that the club’s sale is on hold, no one can give him any assurances about how the squad will look at the start of next season.

‘No manager wants to work in such an uncertain environment.’ If he is given the opportunity to join a club of United’s prestige, he must take it.

‘United can provide him with the security and support that every top coach seeks. Yes, it will appear to be a predatory move, taking advantage of Chelsea’s situation, but the more you think about it, the more obvious it becomes for United and Tuchel.

Between now until the conclusion of the season, every chief executive in the world looking for a new coach will be – or at least should be – studying Tuchel’s mood and public comments.

‘He could only be attracted to clubs of a certain caliber.’ United would be irresponsible if they didn’t check with him. He’s exactly what they’re looking for in a coach.’

‘Let’s not forget that his mentor, Ralf Rangnick, is in temporary command,’ he continued. If United is as keen to keep Rangnick on as an adviser as they stated when he was hired – and they ask him who should take over – who would he urge them to call?’

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